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Model: solid AA® SSA 6
Model: solid AA® SSA 600
Model: solid AA® SSA 600L
Hãng sản xuất: Analytik Jena – Đức
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Tham khảo tại: http://www.analytik-jena.de/en/analytical-instrumentation/products/atomic-absorption-spectrometry/direct-solid-aas.html

Direct solids analysis – for all graphite furnace AAS systems from Analytik Jena
-          Conventional methods of elemental analysis can only process liquid samples. Solids, therefore, are subject to a timeconsuming sample preparation process. Analytik Jena's solid AA® technology offers an interesting alternative: The direct solid AAS.

All graphite furnace systems by Analytik Jena can be upgraded with the solid AA® technology
  • Solid samples in powder form, granulates and fibers, but also paste-like materials such as cream, sludge or viscous oils can be analyzed directly in the graphite furnace
  • There is no need for sample preparation
-          Typical sample quantity is usually between 100 μg and 10 mg. The actual sample weight depends on the sample matrix and the concentrations to be determined. The sample is weighed onto a sample carrier and brought to the graphite furnace. After the analysis is complete, the sample carrier may be reused.
-          In the direct solids analysis, the decomposition of the sample matrix by means of an acid digestion is replaced by the temperature program of the graphite furnace. Combined with a powerful background correction, the interference-free and precise determination of almost all elements in numerous materials is possible. The graphite furnace technique is subject to few interferences caused by the sample matrix. Therefore, even liquid calibration standards may be used in most cases. A calibration with solid matrix reference materials, which are expensive and often not available in the correct composition, is usually not necessary.
-          The Analytik Jena graphite furnace systems can be converted from liquid to solids analysis in just a few minutes - the unlimited use of both techniques is guaranteed. All functions are integrated in the operating software. Additional modules are not required. Easy, software-guided routines allow a simpler adjustment of the autosamplers and guarantee a reliable sample supply.

Three different sample supply systems are available
·         SSA 6 – manual solid sampler
·         SSA 600 – fully automated solid sampler 
·         SSA 600L – fully automated solid samplerwith liquid dosing unit

Why solid AA®?
Simple handling
Thanks to the high degree of automation

Analysis of the original sample
·Without additional reagents
·No risk of contamination caused by blank values
·Dilution errors or analyte loss during sample preparation and storage are impossible

Wide measurement range 
-          The relative measurement sensitivity can easily be increased by at least a factor of 10 compared to the solution analysis

Analysis of small sample quantities 
-          A sample weight of approximately 50 ?g is sufficient for element determination

Avoiding harmful reagents
Fast results 
·Without any additional preparation 
·Aanalysis results are available after only a few minutes


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